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Proposal Photos

Everyone you know and love will ask you "how did you propose?" Instead of telling them, show them! Let us discreetly capture that unforgettable moment when you unexpectedly pop the big question. Our camera crew will blend in with the surroundings and capture the special moment, candid.
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Engagement Photos

These are the photos you will never forget. We work with our couples to find the perfect location that matches your personality, and we provide props to make the photos really pop. You might make canvases of these photos or use them for your Save the Date mailers, or put them on your wedding website. How else are you gonna show off that ring??
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Wedding Photos

Every couple has a wedding album, but yours will tell an epic story. We send a photographer to both the bride's and groom's location to capture the excitement leading up to the day's events. We're on-scene for the ceremony to help you re-live your vows, and are discreetly photographing every celebratory dance move without getting in the way.
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